Available now!

Is your clay project for sale at your site or web store?
Now you can add a special link button to your gallery projects.
Increase traffic and sales to your store, and target focused buyers.

It was suggested many times to us that we find ways to help artists sell their art pieces through the gallery. After all,’s Gallery is a highly focused area receiving visitors who are really interested ONLY in clay art, not other types of crafts. However, we have never intended to become a site for selling tangible goods, only information.

We have a terrific new feature which is available now: Premium Gallery Posting for Sellers.

Users who sign up for Premium Gallery posting will get the ability to post special buttons which will link DIRECTLY to their etsy, artfire or any other web page selling that piece.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to identify pieces which are available at the artist’s website through the unique “Shopping bag” icon.

The Premium Gallery posting is a PAID time-based service, which can be purchased by any registered user. As a special thanks and perk to our active teachers, it will be unlimited and free to any teacher who has 3 or more tutorials approved and posted.

This is a TIME-BASED MEMBERSHIP -- post as many links as you like!

Users who sign up for Premium posting can post any number of links, for the duration of time they have signed up, EVEN TO THEIR OLD GALLERY POSTS.

If this works well, then we hope to be able to continue to develop and offer more perks and new features to all.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the Premium Gallery posting, you must be a registered member. Just upload a Gallery Project as you would normally do and a sign-up page will appear.

Limitations: We continue our policy of non-competitors. Any direct page selling clay items which also sells tutorials will not be allowed and will be removed.

Abuse: We hope there will be no abuse. Any links advertising directly in the gallery page description will be edited and removed as well. Please help us to monitor any abuse you may find.

Premium Gallery Posting Terms

Posters must agree that the description accurately describes the clay item for sale;

Posters must agree that they are the artists who created this handmade piece and they are not selling commercial or mass-manufactured items made by others;

Posters must agree to take full responsibility and liability for all sales and shipping of the item;

Posters must agree that the link does not link to any pages which sell tutorials or which link to tutorials outside of

To Sign up, just upload a picture to the gallery and follow the instructions!