Flower with curling petals polymer clay cane

By Zuleykha

Flower with curling petals polymer clay cane

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This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a flower cane featured in a picture above.
You need to have a basic experience of working with polymer clay, as for example, of making Skinner blends.
This flower cane has been inspired by the images of old English Tudor rose

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Zuleykha, this is just a gorgeous lesson! I love the delicate way the flower petals curl forward. Really beautiful cane, thanks for posting!

Eni, thank you very much for your comment!

This is a lovely tutorial, clear and easy to follow and the first cane I made using it is amazing!

I LOVE this tutorial!! You will be seeing lots of curling petals flowers from me soon! Thanks for a wonderful, well written, easy to follow tutorial that gives great results.

This technique seems so do-able…thanks as always for being a great tutor.Bathroom Refacing Going to work on this technique tonight…

I've seen the tutorial, but the gradient of the petals is still so lovely. Great detail.

Very nice!