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Make Your Own Rondelle Spacer Beads

By cjoygood

Make Your Own Rondelle Spacer BeadsMake Your Own Rondelle Spacer BeadsMake Your Own Rondelle Spacer BeadsMake Your Own Rondelle Spacer BeadsMake Your Own Rondelle Spacer Beads

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It is sometimes difficult to find just the right spacer beads for my jewelry designs so I have developed my own technique in making these fun rondelles.

I shared my original idea on my blog a few years ago but I found that to be too time consuming and tedious so I have since learned how to streamline my production by eliminating several steps and make them in half the time.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make these versatile spacer beads in any size or color you want using special templates you form from clay.

This lesson is very simple to follow with detailed instructions so even a clay beginner can follow them. You do not need to invest in any fancy equipment or tools for this lesson as I have provided instructions for making your beads with or without a pasta machine and using objects that are easily available.

As a bonus, I have included instructions on how to make round, coin and cube shaped spacer beads as well as how to add some rich pearl and metallic colors with mica powders.

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I love all the colors you use.

Thank-you. I mix my own colors with Kato clay. I share my most favorite recipes in my Color system tutorial that are shown here except for the ones in the third photo as those are pearlized and I show how to get those colors in this tutorial here.